Cloth Diaper Care

* Disclaimer: These care instructions are only to be used as a guideline. Every individual will need to experiment with different combinations to see what works best for them in their unique situation. Factors that come in to play that may not yield the desired results are:

* well water/hard water vs city water

* front loading machine vs top loading machine

* whether or not your home has a water softener

It is strongly recommended that whatever detergent you choose for your diaper care, that you use that detergent exclusively for all your washing needs (not just for the diapers). The reason for this is that other detergents can cause build-up within the washing machine that could "rub off" on your cloth diapers causing leaking problems. Also, NEVER put anything other than laundry detergent into your washing machine!

Please choose from the following manufacturers to view their diaper care instructions:

This is a link to a detergent chart that most manufacturers agree on for use with their cloth diapers. One detergent that is not on the list that many people have had success with is plain, old, liquid Tide or Tide with Dawn. If you're going to try using either of these two detergents, use only a small fraction of what the bottle calls for. The one detergent that we recommend is Country Save Powdered Detergent. We now carry this in our retail store and have personally used it for the last 3 years both on our diapers and our family wash without any issues.

If you start to have ammonia smell eminating from your cloth diapers, your problem is more than likely the amount of detergent you are is either too much or too little. One way to tell if you're using too much is to watch the last rinse cycle. If there are any bubbles left, it means you need to cut back the amount of detergent. A first step to taking care of detergent build-up (using too much) is to wash the diapers with RLR to safely strip them. If you're still having build-up problems or stink issues, please contact me.