Drybees Cloth Diaper Care

Preparing for use :

Please pre-wash your Drybees cloth diapers before use. Wash your diapers in hot water with a reduced amount of detergent. You may dry your diapers in the dryer or outside on a clothesline. Wait until the diapers are completely cool before stretching, pulling on, or stuffing or you can ruin the elastics. Drybees pocket diapers, night times or hybrid AIO's are all washed the same. Brightly colored night time diapers should be washed seperately the first time because some of the outer fleeces do bleed for the first wash. Washing brightly colored laminated diapers in extremely hot or boiling water may cause these diapers to bleed as well. Generally, this is a guideline for international customers as their washing water tends to be much hotter than what we use in the USA.


Microfiber inserts should be pre-washed on hot with reduced detergent. Please dry your microfiber inserts on low in your dryer or outside on a clothesline.

Bamboo diapers should be pre-washed two times or more for best absorbency. Bamboo fabric should be handled more gently. Do not stretch while wet or fresh out of the dryer. When line drying Bamboo diapers, hang them so you are not pulling in the direction of the stretchiest part of the diaper (i.e. hang sideways for diaper and soaker).

Storing your dirty diapers:
We recommend you store your diapers in a dry pail until wash day. The "wet pail" method has been shown to be a drowning hazard for young children so we only use and recommend the dry pail methos. All you need is one trash can, diaper pail, or wet bag. We recommend using a Wahmies pail liner inside of a diaper pail or kitchen-size trash can. Even if your favorite retailer does not carry Wahmies pail liners, they can special order one for you. Simply dump any solids into the toiler and put the diaper in the pail until wash day.

Washing your dirty diapers:

Washing your Drybees cloth diapers is easy. First, fold back your laundry tabs. This ensures you won't find the dreaded "diaper snake" after you wash your diapers. Take care the first few times to match up the hook and loop carefully until your diaper tabs learn where to fold easily. Next, pull out the inserts. Finally, throw it all in the washing machine. Choose the water level that will completely cover your diapers (for top loading machines) and use a reduced amount of detergent. You can use a second rinse to ensure all of the detergent is rinsed out. Please dry your diapers in the dryer or outside on the clothesline.

Tips & Tricks:
1. Avoid using any Free & Clear detergent, baby detergent, or cold processed (natural) soap based laundry detergents. These can leave a residue that builds up over time causing stinky diapers! A heavy urine smell after your baby pees is an indication that your diapers need to be rinsed more completely.

2. If your Drybees cloth diapers get stained, simply lay them out in the sun and the sun will bleach away your stains naturally!

3. The waterproof material used to make Drybees Cloth Diapers was made for the medical industry. Don't be afraid to toss them in your home dryer!

4. While consistent and frequent use of products such as bleach or stain fighters will reduce the life span of your diapers, we feel that sparingly using bleach once a month will help keep your diapers sanitized, clean and fresh. Too much bleach, or using it more often than once a month, will begin to wear down your diapers too quickly. Be sure to rinse completely.