Do you have a heavy wetter?

After doing endless research on my own son, who happens to be what I think is the heaviest wetter out there, I thought I'd share my thoughts on how to get a heavy wetter through a complete night (12 hours) without any leaks.

I used to tirelessly try to make an all-in-one work for me as an overnight solution. Unfortunately, there (a) isn't nearly enough room to add the amount of stuffing we need and (b) there isn't nearly enough hemp in any fact, very few all-in-one diapers have any hemp at all in them!

Are you detecting a theme here...hemp, hemp, and more hemp. That is your only solution for a heavy wetter. Unfortunately, there is no way to get through the night without any leaks AND keep the diaper trim. My poor son looks like the Michelin Man walking around with his nighttime diaper on - of course I usually don't put his nighttime armor on until I know he's going to bed within the next 30 minutes or so, so he doesn't do too much walking around!

I currently have stocked in the store several very good options for heavy wetters. We have used all of these combinations and all work very well. I know some of you may have some reservations about using wool when it's hot out. Wool happens to be the most breathable diaper material out there so I would suggest its use even if your child tends to get warm very quickly. My son tends to get heat rash all the time and it doesn't seem to affect him when he's wearing his wool.


Cover Options

Baby Bee Hinds PUL Cover $12.95

Sugar Peas Windpro Fleece Cover $24.95

Play All Day Wool Cover $29.95

Organic Caboose Wool Plush Cover $30.95

LolliDoo Nighttime Outtie (Cover) $31.95

Little Beetle Wool Soaker Shorts $34.95

Little Beetle One Size Wool Cover $38.95


Nighttime Pocket Diaper Options (inserts required)

Drybees Fleece Nighttime Pocket Diaper $19.95

LolliDoo Nighttime Pocket Diaper (includes 3 inserts) $39.95


Insert Options (I suggest a minimum of 10 layers for heavy wetters)

Drybees Bamboo Fold-to-Fit (3 layers when tri-folded) $4.95

BumGenius Little Weeds Hemp (4 layers when folded in half) $5.95

BumGenius Bigger Weeds Hemp (6 layers when tri-folded) $7.95

Play All Day Hemp Contour Insert (5 layers) $7.95


What's great about these is you'll only need 3 sets of overnight diapers if you're washing every two days! If you're still concerned about the wool, you can always try a PUL cover first (Blueberry or Baby Bee Hinds). If you find your child is still leaking out of one of these combinations, I'd suggest adding a couple more layers of hemp inserts. You can check out the available inserts on my Insert Comparison page.

One thing you need to be careful of, especially with boys (other than to make sure he's pointed down!), is to not stuff the diaper so far up the front so that the diaper waist is pulling away from the baby's waist. That is a surefire way for him or her to leak out of the top of the diaper. This is more for those fitted diapers that do not have pockets - where you have to lay the extra hemp inserts in the diaper itself or underneath a sewn in insert.