Little Beetle Cloth Diaper Care

For starters, your Little Beetle diapers do not need repeated pre-washing: once will do so long as you know that they will continue to gain absorbency with the first 8+ washes. 

We recommend a cold pre-wash/wash or rinse first, then a hot wash (140 degrees Fahrenheit). Do not boil your diapers as this can ruin the elastic. Use a small amount of laundry detergent each time (too much detergent can create a residue). Use vinegar occasionally in the rinse to help keep the diapers soft. And please, no fabric softener or treatments of any kind. These can ruin a diaper's absorbency. 

It may not be realistic every time, but the more you can dry your diapers on low or medium the longer their life will be. Line drying is always a wonderful, planet happy choice (tossing into the dryer for the last few minutes can soften up even the crunchiest hemp diapers).