LolliDoo Cloth Diaper Care

Easy Washing Instructions

1. Shake solids into the toilet, (there’s no need to “dunk,” unless you want to). Place soiled LolliDoo™ Diapers in a dry pail.

2. Wash your brand new LolliDoo™ on HOT at least two-three times before first use. On laundry day, use your favorite dye-free, perfume-free laundry detergent (you only need 1/4 of the recommended amount). Our performance fleece fabrics launder beautifully in cool water; they wash well in warm or hot, as well. Instead of bleach, line dry in the sun.

3. Add vinegar to your rinse cycle or fabric softener dispenser to help diapers rinse clean.

Once you wash it, your LolliDoo™ will look and feel like your favorite comfy sweatshirt.


Water Temperature

Hot, cold, does it really matter? LolliDoo™ recycled fleece products are designed to release stains. In fact, we were trying to find ways to “pretty-up” our diapers and tried to dye them (for Ali’s youngest daughter, who had developed a fondness for pink). We used an Overnight Eco-Pocket™ with an organic cotton inner, just to see how both fabrics would react to the same dye. The cotton came through the process with some glorious princess hues; the outer fleece, however, was still a perfectly pristine shade of polenta yellow, just the way it began the attempt.



So yeah. We’ve said it several times, but it’s absolutely incredible so we just have to say it again. LolliDoo™ recycled diapers and stuff-ins™ dry insanely fast on the line. We’d like to encourage you to line/air-dry your LolliDoo™ diapers for cost AND environmental savings. You should totally test it. Go ahead, we’ll wait. You’ll be amazed. Because LolliDoo™ recycled fleece diapers are so strong, they’ll stand up to whatever temperature you elect to use to dry your diapers, whether by air or drying appliance. And, again, we do recommend the first 2-3 washes you use hot, particularly those diapers with organic cotton; the cotton shrinks and the various fabrics are designed to work together most effectively AFTER they’ve settled into their intended size.


Care Instructions

LolliDoo™ recycled fleece fabrics release stains and soil, whether washed in hot or’s just the nature of the fabric. And laundering in cool water translates to less energy consumption, as the water is straight from the tap, bypassing the one of the biggest energy consumers in our households: the hot water heater. LolliDoo™ diapers CAN withstand the heat of a hot wash, in fact, we do recommend that the first 2-3 times you wash them, you DO wash them in hot water. That’s mostly because the oils that are used to keep manufacturing machinery in working order might leave behind a residue, particularly in cotton, that affects absorbency. An occasional hot wash does some good, too.


Detergents and Additives

Yes, it’s true, some additives in laundry products can actually make your diapers repel water. So pick a product that rinses clean out of your laundry and perhaps add some vinegar to the softener dispenser instead of fabric softener. Our fabrics are plenty soft, anyway, so you don’t need them.


Stripping your diaper

If your diaper becomes stinky then you might have detergent rediue. Stripping your LolliDoo™ Diaper is very easy.

1. Wash the diapers on hot without any detergent

2. Open the lid during the rinse cycle.

If there are bubbles then run the load again. Keep repeating until there are no bubbles.

3. Add about 1/4C of vinegar to the rinse cycle.

4. Dry as usual