Monkey Doodlez Cloth Diaper Care

We like to suggest a cold water rinse followed by a hot wash cycle and a final rinse in cold water. Be sure to use a reduced amount of detergent (approximately 1/3 of the recommended amount) to limit residue which can hamper your diaper's absorbency and may cause skin irritation.

As with all fabrics, the more gentle you are with laundering, the more longevity the fibers will have. Our fleece and PUL manufacturers suggest drying on low heat or tumble dry as this is the most gentle on fabrics.

With our AIO's, the core is made of 100% cotton. Since this helps to regulate the temperature applied to the inner and outer layers of the diaper, these can typically be dried on a higher setting with minimal impact. However, always be sure to only damp-dry your fabrics as an extended period on high heat with very dry fabrics will cause damage and significantly limit their lifespan.

Never use fabric softener or bleach on your Monkey Doodlez diapers!

Monkey Doodlez products without an inner cotton core, such as wet bags, pail liners, and pocket diapers, should only be dried on low heat or hung outside to dry.