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October 2011: Well, life certainly passes by rather quickly these days. With two children now, who would have thought it would be so time consuming? I found it to be very difficult to switch gears from one child to two. There are several noteworthy items I will mention here in this long-awaited update...

First: For those of you who have not heard yet, Isabooties wand Play All Day went out of business. Isabooties manufactured the soft-soled booties that were Made in the USA. Play All Day manufactured wool covers, hemp inserts (excellent, byt the way) and hemp fitted diapers. I have limited stock on these products if anyone wants to grab them now. I highly recommend all of these products. They have served my family well over the years.

I am looking into bringing in a line of toddler & child shampoo, conditioner & lotion. We have been using it for the past year now and are very happy with the results. If it all works out, I should have them in my web store by December.

I am now a Softbums retailer. These diapers are SUPER EASY to use and they actually fit a newborn baby. They are a one size diaper with an elastic, drawstring adjustment. I highly recommend them as they have become my go-to diaper for Cody. Nice for those quick diaper changes. I use only the bamboo insert with them (not the microfiber) as the bamboo holds so much more. These should also be stocked in December...right in time for Christmas.

There are some more exciting changes coming down the line, but I will refrain from mentioning anything further until all the details are worked out. Let's just say these changes will make your online shopping experience much more enjoyable!