Play All Day Cloth Diaper Care

  • Caring for your cloth diapers properly will extend their life and keep baby from getting skin irritations. No wet pail is necessary. Diapers should be washed at least every other day. Before putting diaper in the pail, shake any excess poo into the toilet.

    Choosing the proper detergent is very important. To start, use 1/2 the recommended detergent. Use a second rinse cycle. Many over the counter detergents have at least one of the following ingredients that should be avoided when washing cloth diapers: Natural soaps, Dyes, Perfumes, Enzymes, Softeners, Fabric Enhancers, and Optical Brighteners.

    Some detergents that do a great job cleaning and have a proven track record with cloth diapers are:
    Allen's Naturally Powder /Liquid
    Country Save Powder/Liquid
    Planet Ultra Powder/Liquid
    Planet 2X Ultra
    Mountain Green Free & Clear
    Mountain Green Free & Clear Baby

    the following are specific washing instructions for different fabric types:

    washing Instructions for Hemp/Organic Cotton Fleece
    [55% Hemp/45% Organic Cotton]

    To remove most natural oils and increase absorbancy, wash and dry 3 times on hot before the first use. Absorbancy will continue to increase through 8-9 washings. Dry on hot in between washings to properly shrink fabric. The first 8-9 times do not wash with other types of diapers because the natural oils can transfer.

    Wash instructions:
    Machine wash cold rinse/hot wash/cold rinse with like colors with just a little additive free detergent. Tumble dry warm or line dry. No bleach, No softeners.

    After frequent use and washing, if diapers retain a smell, put them in the washer with no detergent for 1 or 2 rinse cycles. It is usually caused by detergent build up. Expect up to 15% shrinkage in length, 5% in width. If diapers get stiff over time, it may be from over drying. Put back in the dryer with a very damp hand towel to put moisture back in the fibers.

    Care intructions for organic merino wool covers:
    Care instructions:
    To maximize the waterproof and cleaning properties of the wool, it needs to be lanolized. occasionally. Wool should only be washed every 1-2 weeks. The lanolin acts as a natural cleaning agent. When it comes in contact with urine, it has a natural reaction and self-cleans, using a little lanolin in the process. If your covers start to smell like urine when baby wears them, it is time to re-lanolize!

    How to Lanolize: Before the first use, then every 1-2 weeks after, hand wash in tepid water with a wool safe lanolin wash. Let soak 15 minutes. Gently roll in towel to remove excess water.
    Do not wring. Air dry.

    Alternative washing instructions for wool covers: These may be rinsed on a wool cycle on an HE machine, with cold water . Spin on low. Then lanolize (directions above). Air dry.