Wahmies Cloth Diaper Care

The Wahmies diapers with hooks should be hooked prior to laundering. This is similar to folding back a washing tab on hook and loop diapers. We are not responsible for replacing diapers that have been damaged by your washer or dryer.

Wahmies uses a super soft 100% polyester velour on the inside of the diapers to keep your baby feeling soft and dry.  Your inner fabric will last through out the diapering time of your baby if you do not pull or tug on the velour portion of your diaper while stuffing it.  Pull the included bamboo inserts in using the stronger laminated portion which can take this kind of repeated pulling and tugging.

Do not use stain treaters, whiteners, or products such as oxyclean, shout it out, bacout etc. on your diapers this can ruin the inside fabric of your diapers in an attempt to remove stains.  This creates holes in the fabric and are not eligible for replacement.  If you have a stain on your diaper (which is rare) lay your dry diaper out in the sun and your inner velour fabric will be as bright as the day you got it. Take care when stuffing your Wahmies diapers that you pull on the PUL side of the diaper and not on the velour as this can cause your velour to wear in the areas that are frequently tugged on. Taking this step will make your diapers inner fabric looking new and fluffy.

Wash your diapers using reduced amounts of detergent and rinse completely. Tumble dry on low. Using fabric softeners or detergents with optical brighteners can cause your diapers to have build up and leak out of the leg openings.  Do not use detergents made by others in their homes without laboratory tests per batch.

We do not give specific detergent recommendations because we feel that detergent and your water are two things that we can not control for. We first suggest using whatever is working for your family's wash routine, and if that does not work you will need to experiment with the detergents in your area to find a good fit for you and your local water.

If your diaper does not seem to be fitting properly around your baby's leg or seems bulky in the bottom, you may need to make the rise shorter. These diapers are designed to fit under the belly. Generally, shortening up the rise can make your diaper fit much better.

Wipes: Wash wipes with your cloth diapers using the same washing instructions.


General Washing Instructions:

Wash all products with similar colors
125F or less
No Bleach
No Fabric Softeners
Tumble Dry or Line Dry
No Stain Treaters
No Laundry Additives
Use Only Detergent in Reduced Amounts
Do Not Dry Clean
Do Not Iron